Losing a loved one is a very difficult time in one’s life. Dealing with funeral and cremation arrangements is a very emotional process. Woudn’t it be nice to keep a piece of your loved one close to you forever?

Angel Urns is an importer of cremation urns and jewellery. We believe that people and pets deserve a dignified send off and that their loved ones are comforted after their passing. We offer a range of beautiful bronze urns and stainless steel jewellery where the ashes can be kept or used to scatter.

Our urns come in a velvet bag and are carefully packaged for shipping. We also have small keepsake urns which can be purchased in a box of six.

Our jewellery is a unique way of keeping your loved one close to your heart, always. Each pendant is hollow and can hold a small amount of ashes. They come in various tasteful designs and include a small screwdiver and funnel for filling the pendant.

The loss of a pet can be equally traumatic. We have specific urns and jewellery just for them to show how special they have been and always will be.

We deliver right across South Africa. Delivery time is 3-4 days. If we are out of stock of a specific item we will order it especially for you. Just add it to your wishlist and we will contact you within 4-5 weeks when we have it in stock. We will provide you with a tracking number so that you can track your purchase to ensure that it is safely delivered.

Have a look at our online catalogue where you can quickly and easily buy the perfect legacy for your loved one.