Q & A – Cremations

Question: What exactly is cremation

Cremation is a process of reducing the human body to bone fragments using high heat and flame.


Question: What services are available with cremation

Any traditional funeral service with the body present can take place prior to the actual cremation. Or else, a memorial service can be held before/after the cremation.


Question: Is a coffin required for cremation

Yes, a coffin is required for cremation.


Question: Can the body be viewed before Cremation?

Yes, family members and friends may view the deceased prior to cremation. The deceased is first prepared for viewing, i.e. washed and dressed.


Question: Is cremation accepted by all religions ?

Today most religions allow cremation. Some people believe that cremation is against the teachings of the Bible, but it remains a very personal matter. Those who wish to be cremated should communicate their wishes to family members.


What happens when the body is presented for cremation?

The officials responsible ensure that :

  • The cremation has been reserved.
  • The cremation documents submitted comply with all legal requirements.
  • The details on the coffin correspond with those on the documents.


Question: What do such legal requirements entail?

A. The cause of death (if Death by Natural Causes) must be confirmed by two independent medical practitioners. Then a Medical Referee assigned by the Council, grants consent that cremation may take place. This is done after he/she has ascertained that :

  • No foul play is suspected; and
  • The cremation is not contrary to the expressed wishes of the deceased.

B. In the event of an Unnatural Death, the Medical Referee will consent to cremation as soon as he/she has received the Schedule D, completed by the Pathologist who performed the autopsy.


Question: Are all bodies cremated simultaneously at the Crematorium?

No, the crematorium can only accommodate one coffin at a time during the cremation process.


Question: What must I do with the cremated remains?

You are free to do whatever you wish with the cremated remains. Many people opt to have them scattered as per the deceased’s wishes or even kept in a keepsake urn. Angel Urns offers a variety of tasteful cremation urns, cremation jewellery and keepsakes. Browse our secure online store to view these.